Hello world!

Hello everyone. Why have I started to blog????

I’m an indian chef and have recently come out of my shell and looked out beyond my own big nose. Searching on the web for any comments on my food under ‘max’s indian restaurant Bakewell’ I came across a few comments. One was a blog at wordpress.com under the title ‘Chilli nuts’ by Jack Crow. I was amazed ‘an appreciation of my food via a blog’. Comments mainly come over a glass of alcohol. Another comment was via blog from writer Wendy Holden, quote

Max’s Indian in Bakewell is really good, his meat is all organic from the butcher across the road and all the sauces are fresh and delicate. It’s one of the best Indians I’ve been to; none of that pink soup with a few bits of chicken floating in.”

Now I’m feeling lifted. This is a new experience for me. So ‘Why have I started to blog? Well my first blog is a kind of thank you to the above two people for blogging.

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